SNS Economic Policy Group Report 2001.

Hans Tson Söderström Richard Friberg Örjan Sölvell Pontus Braunerhjelm Victor Norman

Sweden in the New Economic Geography of Europe. While everyone is busy talking about the new eonomic, a new economic geography is taking shape. Companies are being bought up and split up, production is crossing international borders, monopolies are being opened up to competition, markets are expanding, ownership is becoming more international och specialist skills are concentrating in dynamic local environments - clusters.

Right now things are going well for Sweden – but what place will we take in the new Europe? This question must be one of the major issues for economic policy in the future.

The SNS Economic Policy Group makes no attempt to forecast the future, but aims rather to provide a stable ground to stand on for those task it is to make decisions that will have consequences far into the future. This English summary of the Group’s report presents the principal features of the Group’s analysis along with proposals for an economic policy that can ensure success and vigour in the new economic geography.