SNS Helsingfors: What’s so special about Nordic Corporate Governance? – An endangered species of Corporate Governance that could save Europe

Mån 11 november 2013
Tid och plats

Måndag 11 november 2013, 17:00–18:30

Hanken Centre for Corporate Governance and SNS Helsingfors would like to invite you to an open lecture by Professor Jesper Lau Hansen, University of Copenhagen, followed by a panel discussion about a common Nordic Corporate Governance Model.

Professor Hansen’s presentation will focus on explaining what the significant features are in the Nordic governance model and describing the challenges that the EU harmonisation efforts bring to the Nordic model. Today, the Nordic Region seems to enjoy its “15 minutes of fame”, with politicians, scholars and media keenly observing the Nordic way of arranging a society. Hansen argues that within company law, this is the time to stand up for the Nordic model and praise its benefits. He further emphasises that this is not done with a view to expand it to other jurisdictions but by stressing that ownership by engaged, long-term shareholders can be beneficial, which should serve to nuance the international corporate governance discourse and reduce the threat of unwarranted harmonisation within the EU.

JESPER LAU HANSEN is a tenured professor of Financial Market Law at the University of Copenhagen since 2003. He works within company law, securities trading and financial regulation. He is head of the research group FOCOFIMA that is part of the Copenhagen Centre for Commercial Law. He has served as an expert on Danish public committees, including the one that prepared the Danish Companies Act of 2009, and was a member of the Commission’s Reflection Group on the Future of EU Company Law. Further, he serves as an academic member on the European securities authority ESMA’s Stakeholder Group.

The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion, moderated by PER LEKVALL (SE), manager of a newly launched SNS project aimed at defining a common Nordic corporate governance model. In addition to JESPER LAU HANSEN, the panel will be composed of ERIK SJÖMAN (SE), GUDMUND KNUDSEN (NO) and TOMAS LINDHOLM (FI).

Time and place

November 11th, 17.00-18.30, Hanaholmen/Hanasaari – ruotsalais-suomalainen kulttuurikeskus, Hanasaarenranta 5.


RSVP to anna.klaile@hanken or before November 9th.

SNS Helsingfors & Hanken Centre for Corporate Governance