SNS Paris: How did Sweden become top of the class?

Tis 26 november 2013
Tid och plats

Tisdag 26 november 2013, 19:00–21:00
Svenska Klubben/Cercle Suédois in Paris, 242 Rue de Rivoli, Paris.

Kurt Lundgren
Kurt Lundgren

International comparisons show that Sweden is top of the class both economically, socially and ecologically. Sweden is also deemed to be world leading when it comes to innovations. How well is Sweden really doing? And how do we assure continued competitiveness, innovation and growth?

At the seminar KURT LUNDGREN presents his book Kan landet lagom vara bäst? (Can the country of moderation be the best?) in which he seeks an explanation to Sweden’s success. Kurt Lundgren is an economist, Master of Engineering and former professor of IT and infrastructure economics.

The seminar is organized in partnership with Svenska Klubben/Cercle Suédois in Paris.


Registration by 22th of November to Participation fee is free for SNS-members, 20 € for Non-members and 10 € for students.

To order food

At the meeting you can buy a plate with nordic specialties for the cost of 12 €. To order call Svenska Klubben at 01 42 60 76 67. No orders can be made through SNS and you have to make your order before monday November 25.

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