SNS Student insights: Research in theory and practice with SNS

Last Monday, September 4, SNS organized a seminar and mingle for Economics students from the University of Edinburgh and the Stockholm School of Economics. The aim was to spread knowledge about SNS and the latest insights from our researchers. Among other things, we explained how SNS work to guarantee policy relevance as well as a high academic quality in our publications.

Mikael Witterblad, Head of the Research programme at SNS, presented the main conclusions about the labor market and immigration, from in two of this year’s research reports: ”SNS Economic Policy Council Report 2017: Policies for an Inclusive Swedish Labor Market” and ”SNS Analysis no 39: Effects of Immigration on Native Workers’ Wages in Denmark”.
The students discussed similarities and differences between the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian countries when it comes to migration and integration policy. It was impressive to see the students’ devotion and knowledge.

“SNS really has a ‘sweet spot’ between science and business for those who wish to work with economics outside of academia after graduating, and your publications seem to be a good source of inspiration when choosing the topic for one’s thesis”, one of the participants said.