SNS Tylösand Summit 2017: Inequality and Democracy

time and place

Wednesday 23 August 2017 17:00:00

This year's SNS Tylösand Summit will take place on Wednesday, 23 August.

This year’s Tylösand Summit tackles the growing inequality in many countries in the western world and the future of democracy.

Leading experts describe the trends and give their view on what can be done to support a socially and economically inclusive society.

Participants include Pulitzerwinning historian Anne Applebaum and economist Richard Baldwin. Applebaum is one of our times most influential publicist writing about the threats to liberal democracy. In his book The Great Convergence, Baldwin argues that globalization has become more advanced as a result of digitization and that this development has created political challenges in both rich economies and development countries.

The SNS Tylösand Summit brings together about 200 chief executive officers, leading academic scholars, politicians from the government and the parliamentary opposition, top civil servants and union leaders. SNS has arranged this annual summit in Tylösand since 1948.

Personal invites has been sent out in April.