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Members and sponsors

Over 280 of Sweden’s leading companies, public authorities and organizations are members of SNS.

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Tylösand Summit

Since 1948 SNS has invited about 200 chief executive officers, leading academic researchers, politicians from the government and the parliamentary opposition, top civil servants and union leaders to an annual conference in Tylösand, Sweden.

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Finance Panel

The Finance Panel is a forum for the financial sector and is jointly organized by SNS and finance research institute Swedish House of Finance.

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IIES/SNS International Policy Talks

A collaboration with the Institute of International Economics at Stockholm University.

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Local chapters

In addition to conference activities in Stockholm, SNS has local chapters across the country and internationally.

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Previous member activities

Forum for media relations

An arena for professionals working with media relations.


Digitech Forum

For those who want to deepen their knowledge of the digital economy.


Sustainability Roundtable

Knowledge-sharing and discussion of trends in sustainable business.

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