SNS hosts seminars where leading international and Swedish social scientists present new research in the field of democracy.

The starting point for this seminar series was the research report SNS Democracy Report 2017. Cooperation and Conflict in a Parliamentary Democracy, presented in September 2017, one year before the Swedish election.

This new initiative is the next step in SNS’s long-standing history of highlighting research on democracy and the political system. Between 1995‒2011, annual reports were presented on the subject by the SNS Democracy Council.

Financial support for the seminar series comes from the Riksbankens Jubileumfond (the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and the Social Sciences), the Swedish Research Council, and Bonnier Holding.

The seminar series has a reference group consisting of the following experts:
Katarina Barrling, Institutet för personal- och företagsutveckling IPF “Institute for Organizational Leadership” and the political science department, Uppsala University.
Erik Haegerstrand, Bonnier Holding.
Johannes Lindvall, Political science department, Lund University.
Torsten Persson, Insitute for International Economy, Stockholm University.
Kerstin Sahlin, Swedish Research Council.
Anders Sundin, Swedish Research Council.
Lena Wängnerud, Political Science department, University of Gothenburg, the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and the Social Sciences.

For questions about the seminar series, contact Nina Bruce, Senior Project Manager, SNS.

Earlier seminars

The Swedish Commissions of Inquiry

Presentation of the report The Swedish Commissions of Inquiry 1990‒2016. In Sweden, the government typically appoints an independent commission, known as a commission of inquiry, with members coming from the government, opposition parties, academia, interest groups, and the private sector. The broad commission membership has often succeeded in negotiating compromises and incorporating different perspectives on the implications of different proposals. Recently, however, both scholars and policymakers have expressed concerns that commissions of inquiry may have changed in ways that make it harder for them to fulfill their roles.

SNS Democracy Report 2017: How well does the Swedish democracy function?

The general public’s trust in the political system is falling. It has become more difficult to build a stable government coalition and build a majority in the parliament. One year before the election, five political scientists presented their analysis of how well the Swedish parliamentary democracy is working.

Before the election: What makes us vote and how do we vote?

Two political scientists and two politicians discussed voting and voter behavior. What makes us go vote? What decides our party choices? And what do the parties think?

Research in brief:
Kasper M Hansen — Voting together
Maria Oscarson — How do we choose a party? (in Swedish)