Crime and society

How have different types of crime evolved in Sweden over time? And how are we to combat crime with a very negative impact on society? Some types of crime involve high socio-economic costs and may also have a negative impact on our democratic system in the long run. Some examples of key values that may suffer or that we may lose as a result of crime include security, trust, freedom, fair competition and the rule of law. Crime and Society is a future research project initiated by SNS seeking to contribute with new knowledge and a foundation for discussions and solutions. The project begins in January 2022 and will run for three years.


Research director: Louise Lorentzon,, 070-791 21 72

Project manager: Emelie Lekebjer,, 0737-53 32 07

Higher Education and Research

Sweden is one of the countries in the world investing the most resources, measured as percentage of GDP, on research and higher education. It is important that this system is properly managed, organized and funded to ensure a high quality and good utilization of resources. How are universities and colleges to respond to the labor market’s growing demand for increasingly advanced skills in the future? What is the role of higher education when it comes to organizing lifelong learning? What should the interplay between research and higher education look like? And how to create good conditions for research and utilizing research results that contribute to the development of society? In January 2022, SNS will launch its three-year research project Higher Education and Research in order to contribute with knowledge and a basis for discussions and initiatives.


Research director: Jonas Klarin,, 0722-51 57 98

Project manager: Julia Nederberg,, 0790-98 13 33