How do developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) affect the economy, society, and our everyday lives? Which opportunities and challenges are associated with AI technologies? The aim of the SNS seminar series on AI is to increase knowledge and understanding and to facilitate an exchange of experiences.

The AI Shift focuses on how AI affects the economy, the labour market, our welfare, and each and every one of us. SNS brings together representatives from the academy, the business sector, and the public sector to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences concerning AI and digitalisation issues.

We will highlight the significance of AI for society from several different perspectives. Issues that will be highlighted include:

  • How do we improve efficiency in the public sector by means of AI?
  • What is the impact of AI on business activities and business models?
  • Which ethical dilemmas do we need to consider when introducing AI?

The seminar series is set to run for four years (2020–2023). It is funded with support from the Bertil Edlund Foundation.

For questions regarding the AI Shift, please contact Isabella Parling,, project manager of the seminar series.


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