Low productivity and weak economic growth have been a feature of many developed economies for a long time. Addressing these issues are complicated by a range of factors, including post-pandemic supply chain shortfalls, increased geopolitical tensions due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, growing skepticism towards China, rising protectionism, and the urgent need to address climate change. This development is threatening, but also creates crisis insight that can stimulate action and innovation.

At this year’s summit, we discuss the conditions for competitiveness and growth together with leading researchers, business leaders and experts.


Daron Acemoğlu

Daron Acemoğlu is Institute Professor at MIT at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT. He is the author of New York Times bestseller Why Nations Fail: Power, Prosperity, and Poverty (joint with James A. Robinson) and The Narrow Corridor: States, Societies, and the Fate of Liberty (with James A. Robinson).  His forthcoming book, Power and Progress. Our Thousand-Year Struggle Over Technology and Prosperity, scheduled to be published.

His academic work covers a wide range of areas, including political economy, economic development, economic growth, technological change, inequality, labor economics and economics of networks.

He is also an elected fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, American Philosophical Society, the British Academy of Sciences, the Turkish Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Econometric Society, the European Economic Association, and the Society of Labor Economists. He is also a member of the Group of Thirty.

Susanna Campbell

Susanna Campbell is an investor and industrial adviser with a wealth of experience in the field. She currently serves as a Senior Advisor at Norrsken VC, as well as the Chairman of the Board of NOD – Network of Design. In addition, she is a member of the board of several high-profile companies, including H2 Green Steel, Northvolt, and Kinnevik.

Tomas Carlsson

Tomas Carlsson is the President and CEO of NCC. From 2012 to 2018 he was the president of Sweco. Prior to that he held several senior positions at NCC, most recently as the Head of NCC’s construction operations in Sweden.

Karolina Ekholm

Karolina Ekholm is the Director General of the Swedish National Debt Office. She is professor at the Department of Economics, Stockholm University, since 2010 and has previously served as Deputy Governor of the Riksbank and State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance with responsibility for economic analysis and international economic cooperation.

John Hassler

John Hassler is Professor of Economics at IIES, Institute for International Economic Studies, at Stockholm University. He is also Member of the Economic Sciences Prize Committee, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Jens Henriksson

Jens Henriksson is the President and CEO of Swedbank. He holds a Fil. Lic in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and the University of California, San Diego. Prior to his role at Swedbank, Henriksson held several senior positions in both the financial sector and government. Notably, he served as the President and CEO of Folksam and as a State Secretary at the Swedish Ministry of Finance.

Ulf Kristersson

Ulf Kristersson, Prime Minister of Sweden.

Catherine L. Mann

Catherine Mann is an economist who currently serves as an External Member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England. She is also Professor at Brandeis University. Prior to her current appointments, she has held positions such as Chief Economist at Citibank and the OECD. Her research focuses on international economic relationships and outcomes, including trade, finance, climate, productivity, and inequality.

Kalina Manova

Kalina Manova is a Professor of Economics and Deputy Department Head at University College London (UCL). She specializes in international trade and investment and has published numerous articles in the world’s top economic journals. She is also a member of the Investment Committee of the European Economic Association and has served as an External Consultant for both the Bank of England and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Heléne Mellquist

Heléne Mellquist is the President of Volvo Penta. She also serves as a Board member in Atlas Copco AB and Thule Group AB. Prior to her current position at Volvo Penta, she held several other senior roles within the Volvo Group. This includes serving as the Senior Vice President of Volvo Trucks Europe and Volvo Trucks International.

Jacob Wallenberg

Jacob Wallenberg is Chairman of Investor, President and Chairman of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Vice Chair of ABB, Ericsson, FAM, Patricia Industries, and Wallenberg Investments. He is also Director of The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Tsinghua School of Economics Advisory board, Steering Committee European Round Table of Industrialists and Member of IBLAC (Mayor of Shanghai’s International Business Leaders Advisory Council) and Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).

Moderator: Katrine Kielos-Marçal

Katrine Kielos-Marçal is a Swedish journalist, lecturer and moderator based in England. She writes for the Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter and is the author of books like Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?, which was named one the greatest books of the year by The Guardian in 2015, and Mother Of Invention: How Good Ideas Get Ignored In An Economy Built For Men. In her role as a financial journalist, she has interviewed several of the world’s leading economic thinkers, politicians, and business leaders.