SNS translates current research on social issues into concrete advice to leading decision-makers in politics and business. Research questions are formulated in dialogue with SNS’ members in business and public administration. Analysis and recommendations are provided by academic researchers and are based on scientific theory and empirical evidence.

Ongoing research projects

SNS Democracy Report

2021 SNS Democracy Report to analyse polarisation in Sweden. Read more

Health care in the 21st century

The aim of the project is to generate new knowledgde about how competence can be assured and how new technology can be utilized in response to the changing conditions in the health care sector. Read more

Learnings from Integration

The aim of the project Learnings from integration is to explore how the integration process in Sweden works and how it can be improved. The program focuses on the labor market and the education system. Read more

SNS Economic Policy Council

SNS annually appoints a group of academic researchers that, going under the name of the SNS Economic Policy Council, analyses how various key aspects of the economy function over time. Read more

Sustainable Urban and Rural Planning

The pace of urbanization in Sweden continues to be high and we are about to face major demographic changes. Along with this, rapid technological development places additional demands on urban planning. Read more

Taxes in a Globalised World

Increased globalisation and rapid technological development have significantly changed the Swedish economy. How do these changes affect the efficiency of the tax system and its redistributive function?
Read more