The escalating global security challenges have prompted Sweden to enhance its overall defense capabilities, marking a departure from historically low levels. The pressing issues of climate change and the potential emergence of new pandemics underscore the importance of robust preparedness. To construct and uphold a resilient society, collaborative efforts are essential, involving public and private actors as well as civil society. In response, SNS is initiating a three-year research project focused on crisis and preparedness issues – the SNS Preparedness Commission.

This project aims to contribute valuable insights through an analysis of how to establish and sustain socio-economically efficient preparedness. A research group headed by Lars Hultkrantz, professor emeritus of economics at the School of Economics, Örebro University, is associated with the project.

Moreover, SNS serves as a platform that fosters meaningful interactions among stakeholders from the business sector, public administration, and civil society. Given that an increasing number of vital societal functions and critical infrastructure are operated by private companies, the business sector plays a key role in shaping society’s crisis preparedness.

Through open discussions and the exchange of experiences related to measures aimed at enhancing overall preparedness for crises, a deeper understanding of each other’s operations and challenges can be achieved.

The project begins in January 2024 and will run for three years.


Research director: Anna Norén,, 072-251 36 81

Project manager: Emelie, 073-753 32 07