SNS, Center for Business and Policy Studies, is an independent, non-profit organization that brings together the worlds of academia, business and government for knowledge-sharing and dialogue on key societal issues. SNS is a membership-based organization with 280 corporate and institutional members.

SNS was founded in 1948 by a group of young business leaders with a common belief in social science as a tool for economic and social progress. Over the past decades, SNS has played a central role in shaping Swedish policy and bringing Swedish policy lessons to the international policy making community.


The mission of SNS is to bring research from theory to practice, to address the biggest policy challenges. We do this with the help of a network of more than 150 external researchers representing 30 academic institutions in Sweden and across the world.

The quality, integrity, and objectivity of SNS research are among SNS principal assets. SNS fully respects the researchers’ academic freedom. The researchers alone are responsible for the reports’ analyses, conclusions, and proposals. As an organization, SNS does not take a stance on policy issues.

With SNS’s unique membership base, comprised of leading decision-makers, we enable and facilitate interaction between researchers and practitioners.

SNS advances its mission through four main activities

Policy research

SNS works to bring research results into the policy making process. The research takes a solution-focused approach to key policy issues.

Research dialogue

We create platforms for dialogue where academics and practitioners can exchange knowledge and ideas and contribute with innovative policy solutions.


Our seminars, conferences and roundtables build bridges between diverse stakeholders in the public and private sectors, as well as academia.

Professional training

SNS Public Affairs Program is a unique executive training program that gives participants a deeper understanding of society and the political decision-making process from the local level to the EU level.

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SNS corporate and individual members are part of a prominent network of leaders in business, politics, and public administration who are interested in innovative policy solutions for the most important social and economic issues.

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