SNS Job Market is an annual event for PhD students in economics who are about to graduate. We welcome all employers who are seeking expertise in quantitative methods and advanced data and/or policy analysis.

The participating PhD students are highly qualified in statistics, empirical methods, and economic theory. Their research areas vary across macro, financial, labor, environmental and behavioral economics among others.

The event is not only aimed at employers who want to interview candidates, but also to those who are interested in establishing contacts with graduating economists and to hear about the latest research in economics.

SNS invite PhD students from all Swedish universities and colleges that are authorized to issue PhD degrees in economics. During the day, the PhD students briefly present their research and there will be opportunities for informal conversations and mingle.

Employers also have the opportunity to take part of the PhD students’ CVs, Job Market Paper and letters of recommendation in advance. It is possible to attend the whole day or join the sessions that are relevant to you.

The schedule for the day will be communicated well in advance of the event.

The event will take place 19 December.


Please contact Susanna Allstrin, project manager, if you are interested in participating. The last date to register if you are a PhD student or belong to a department is on the 29th of October. Other employers can register until the 19th of November.


Jonas Klarin,, +46 722 51 57 98

Susanna Allstrin,, +46 790 98 13 33