SNS, the Center for Business and Policy Studie, is a network that brings together the worlds of academia, business and government for knowledge-sharing and dialogue on key societal issues. 280 of Sweden’s leading companies, public authorities, institutions, and organizations are members of SNS.

SNS members

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All employees in the member organizations can participate in more than 70 seminars that SNS organizes each year on key societal issues. They thereby gain:

  • Deeper insight into important issues in society and the external trends that determine the conditions for their industry or profession,
  • Opportunity to listen to and talk with leading Swedish and international researchers and experts,
  • A professional network of decision-makers and experts.

Managers and specialists are invited to roundtables and have the opportunity to attend the unique executive education program SNS Public Affairs Program, which provides in-depth knowledge of how Sweden and the EU are governed.

The CEO and Chairman of the Board are invited to the following annual events:

  • SNS Tylösand Summit in August,
  • Meeting with the Board of Trustees and presentation from SNS Economic Policy Council yearly report, with a dinner after in January,
  • Meeting with the Board of Trustees and presentation on new insights from SNS research projects in June.

As a member, you can also participate in the reference groups of stakeholders and experts that follow SNS’s research projects and contribute with knowledge and funding.

The annual fee for membership is linked to the size of the organization (based on number of employees or total assets).

Membership application

Do you want to know more about what a membership would mean for you and your organization? Please contact SNS membership service +46 701 69 47 54, Karolin Bodling,

Ilinca Benson, CEO