Between Jobs: Job Security Agreements and Support to Dismissed Employees in Sweden

Lars Walter (red.)

Most employees in Sweden are covered by job security agreements, which are collective agreements between the Swedish social partners. The agreements ensure that employees who are given notice due to work shortage receive support in their efforts to find new employment. The agreements serve as a complement to social insurance and unemployment benefits, and thereby the public labour market policy.

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In this book, the job security agreements, the job security councils that supply the support, and their role on the Swedish labour market are described and analysed. Focus is on case studies of five job security councils.

An international comparison shows that the Swedish system seems to be unique. However, the authors identify a growing trend of other European countries developing systems similar to the Swedish one.

Autors: Lars Walter (ed.), Ola Bergström, Andreas Diedrich, and Christina Mauléon, all of which are researchers of business administration.