Gun violence – what do we know and what to do?

For several years, gun violence has increased significantly both in Sweden and in the US. Why is gun violence on the rise and how are we to combat it? We welcome you to join a conversation with professor emeritus Philip J. Cook and researchers from Malmö University.


Philip J. Cook, ITT/Terry Sanford Professor Emeritus of Public Policy Studies and Professor Emeritus of Economics, Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. 2020 recipient of the Stockholm Prize in Criminology and co-author of the books Gun Violence: The Real Costs and The Gun Debate: What Everyone Needs to Know.

Manne Gerell, Associate Professor of Criminology at Malmö University. Gerell studies the geography of crime and gang violence, focusing on arson, gun violence and street violence.

Mia-Maria Magnusson, PhD in criminology, researcher at Malmö University and police officer. In her thesis, Magnusson mapped the open drug markets in Stockholm and created a model that may be used to assess the likelihood of future gun violence at these locations. As a police officer, Magnusson has extensive experience of the drug trade.

The conversation is moderated by Willy Silberstein, a former journalist at the news desk of Swedish Radio.