How do social media and fake news affect the political polarization?

Thu 14 September 2017
time and place

Thursday 14 September 2017, 09:00–10:30
SNS, Jakobsbergsgatan 18, Stockholm

The political polarization has increased in both the US and other Western democracies. Does social media contribute to this trend? Is there a connection between how voters act and the spreading of fake news?

This is what the award-winning economist Matthew Gentzkow, professor at Stanford University, focuses on in his research. His studies indicate that the growing polarization in the US rather is caused by factors other than the internet and social media. The polarization has increased most in groups that are less prone to use the internet and social media. Gentzkow has also analyzed the consumption of fake news before the latest US presidential election.

On September 14, Matthew Gentzkow will visit SNS to present his latest research on political economy and the media industry. His studies have received attention in magazines such as the Economist, Financial Times and Bloomberg. 2014 Gentzkow was awarded the John Bates Clark medal, which is given to an American economist under the age of forty who is adjudged to have made the most significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge. A big share of those awarded with the medal has later received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

David Strömberg, Professor of economics at Stockholm University, Karin Pettersson, Political Editor-in-Chief at Aftonbladet, and Sanna Rayman, columnist and Chief of debate, Dagens Samhälle, will be commenting.

IIES/SNS International Policy Talks is a collaboration between the Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES) at Stockholm University and SNS with the mission to bring insights from leading international economists to the Swedish policy debate.

The meeting will be held in English.


Matthew Gentzkow, Professor of Economics, Stanford University

Karin Pettersson, Political Editor-in-Chief at Aftonbladet

Sanna Rayman, columnist and Chief of debate, Dagens Samhälle

David Strömberg, Professor of Economics, Stockholm University

The meeting is moderated by Helena Blomqvist, journalist.

Time and venue

Thursday september 14, at 09:00–10:30 at SNS, Jakobsbergsgatan 18, Stockholm. Registration with breakfast from 08.45. The Meeting starts at 09:00.

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The number of seats is limited. The meeting is open to SNS members*,the press and special invitations. The fee is SEK 395 + VAT. An invoice will be sent after the meeting. Cancellations after September 12 or absents will be charged.

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