How to attract, keep and allocate good teachers?

Seminar Mon 22 November 2021
time and place

Monday 22 November 2021, 16:00–17:15
SNS, Jakobsbergsgatan 18, Stockholm

The share of qualified teachers ranges from zero to a 100 percent between schools in Sweden. Yet, the government’s goal is to ensure that all children and students have access to the same high-quality standard of education.

Differing quality between schools has been a rising issue over the recent years. The Swedish Schools Inspectorate published a report in 2020 stating that the study results are a good indicator of the quality of the school, and that Sweden is becoming more segregated in terms of grades.

Welcome to a webinar with the labor-public economist Barbara Biasi, who will present her research on economics of education. How can schools keep and attract good teachers and how does teacher allocation affect school quality?

Biasi is a labor-public economist working on education, inequality, and creativity. She is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Yale School of Management and a Faculty Research Fellow at NBER. Robert Fahlgren, representing the teacher’s union, and Lee Orberson, representing Stockholm municipality’s administration, will join the conversation as panelists.

IIES/SNS International Policy Talks is a collaboration between the Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES) at Stockholm University and SNS with the mission to bring insights from leading international economists to the Swedish policy debate.


Barbara Biasi, Assistant Professor of Economics at the Yale School of Management

Robert Fahlgren, Second Vice President, Lärarförbundet (the Swedish Teachers’ Union)

Lee Orberson, Municipal Chief Executive of the elementary schools, The Education Department, The City of Stockholm

The webinar will be led by Mattias Folkestad, PhD student at IIES, Stockholm University.

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