Is AI developing too fast?

The launch of ChatGPT4 has reinvigorated the debate about the risks and opportunities of artificial intelligence. In an open letter that has been widely circulated, leading AI experts and other actors in the field call for a pause in the development of advanced AI systems.


Georg Graetz, Associate Professor of Economics at Uppsala University who researches the labor market consequences of technology development. Georg is co-author of the SNS Economic Policy Council Report 2023: Structural Transformation in the Swedish Labor Market: Consequences and Policy Measures and the SNS Analysis Robots at work from 2015.

Joakim Wernberg, Research Leader with a focus on digitization and technology development at Entreprenörskapsforum, Associate Professor at the Department of Technology and Society, Lund University of Technology, and coordinator of newly started SoeTech, an interdisciplinary research group for socio-economic technology studies at Lund University

Sara Öhrvall, Senior Advisor to Axel Johnson and board member of, among others, Axfood, Bonnier Books, Investor and SNS. Sara is specialized in promoting digital change and is the author of the book Your Future Self: How New Technologies are Revolutionizing Humans and Making us Stronger, Smarter and Kinder.

The discussion is chaired by Ilinca Benson, CEO, SNS.