New members joining the SNS Board of Trustees in 2022

The SNS Nomination Committee proposes that 17 new members be elected to the SNS Board of Trustees. The election will take place at the regular meeting of the SNS Board of Trustees on June 15.

SNS is an independent, non-profit organization and serves as Sweden’s premier meeting place for factual public debate. Its activities consist of research, meetings and education concerning key social issues.

The Board of Trustees is the highest decision-making body of SNS. Following this year’s election, the Board will consist of 203 members. These members include researchers and leading decision-makers in companies, organizations and public administration. Click here to read more about the SNS Board of Trustees.

“The Board of Trustees is pleased to bring together the main representatives of the business sector, public administration, research and leaders among the SNS members. These individuals serve as an expression of the broad foundation and cutting edge that characterize SNS. As the highest decision-making body of SNS, the Board of Trustees is what offers SNS stability and energy over time,” says Magnus Tegborg, chair of the Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee proposes the following individuals as new members of the SNS Board of Trustees:

  • Stina Andersson, CEO, Bonnier
  • Daniel Barr, Director General, Swedish Pensions Agency
  • Mats Bergman, Professor of Economics, Södertörn University
  • Ann-Zofie Duvander, Professor of Demography, Stockholm University
  • Henrik Ekengren Oscarsson, Professor of Political Science, University of Gothenburg
  • Karolina Ekholm, Director General, Swedish National Debt Office
  • Erik Engellau-Nilsson, CEO, Norrsken Foundation
  • Gissur Ó. Erlingsson, Professor of Political Science, Linköping University
  • Peter Fredriksson, Professor of Economics, Uppsala University
  • Staffan Helgesson, General Partner, Creandum
  • Linda Höglund, COO, Klarna
  • Rikard Josefson, CEO, Avanza Bank
  • Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg, Professor of Legal Informatics, Stockholm University
  • Kristoffer Melinder, Managing Partner, Nordic Capital
  • Per-Jörgen Pärson, Partner, Northzone
  • Magnus Tegborg, CEO, Alumni
  • Anna Wikland, Managing Director, Google Sweden