Report from The Democratic Audit of Sweden 1996: Democracy and Leadership

Olof Petersson Jörgen Hermansson Michele Micheletti Anders Westholm

Contemporary democracy suffers from a number of problems of political leadership. Nowadays it is far from clear what it means to be a politician and which demands voters can make of their elected representatives.

Report from The Democratic Audit of Sweden 1996 48.1 MB PDF

This book discusses different ideas about democratic leadership and describes Swedish politicians both as a group and as individuals. Special attention is given to the constitutional bases of the Swedish political system, the Swedish power elite, decision-making processes within policy domains, and the requirements that democracy imposes on individual political leaders.

The book also explains the theoretical framework used for democratic auditing and presents results from a study on citizen tolerance.

Democracy and Leadership is the 1996 report from the SNS Democratic Audit. The Democratic Audit is responsible for auditing the state of Swedish democracy on a yearly basis. This report uses democratic theory as its point of departure and constructs an ideal of democracy based on three cornerstones: popular, constitutional, and effective government.