SNS/SHOF Finance panel with the former Chief ECB economist Peter Praet

Seminar 2020.01.15

We discuss the limits of monetary policy. Can negative interest rates and other non-conventional tools kick-start the economy? What is the role for fiscal policy? What are the market implications of monetary stimulus. We also discuss other economic challenges for Europe and the world economy.

The Finance Panel is a meeting forum for the financial sector, hosted by SNS and the Swedish House of Finance.

Swedish House of Finance (SHOF) at the Stockholm School of Economics is Sweden’s national research center in financial economics.


Peter Praet has had an eight-year term on the ECB Executive Board, serving for most of that time as the central bank’s chief economist. Mr Praet has served on several high-level international bodies, including the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems, the Committee on the Global Financial System and the European Banking Authority.

The meeting is moderated by Pehr Wissén, Professor Emeritus of Practice, Swedish House of Finance.