SNS ties government authorities, municipalities and companies to research project concerning crime

Over the next three years, SNS will serve as an important venue regarding how to combat criminal activities with a major negative impact on society. The project’s reference group includes individuals such as Thomas Rolén, director general of the Swedish National Courts Administration, Katrin Westling Palm, director general of the Swedish Tax Agency, and Carin Götblad, head of the National Operations Department of the Swedish Police Authority.

The project will focus on issues such as defector initiatives launched by municipalities, government authorities being infiltrated by criminal actors, risk factors with regard to relapses into criminal activities and effective social initiatives aimed at combating crime.

“For the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, it is important that initiatives and reforms are based on science and best practices. That is why we look forward to participating in the SNS research project,” says Hanna Jarl, deputy director general of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service and chair of the reference group.

SNS launches the three-year project “Crime and Society” in order to help combat crime. The reports, seminars and round table discussions linked to this project will offer opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. The project will also highlight international research and experiences from other countries.

“This project is very topical and we observe a great interest in finding effective measures to combat crime. The role of SNS will be to contribute with knowledge for future policy decisions,” says research director Louise Lorentzon.

The project is based on core values that may suffer or we may lose as a result of crime: security, trust, freedom, fair competition and the rule of law. Researchers in several disciplines, including economics, political science and law, will write reports within the framework of the project. It has already at this stage been decided that two reports are to be written by Randi Hjalmarsson, professor of economics at the University of Gothenburg.

“Randi Hjalmarsson is a very prominent researcher, and both her reports play a key role. One focuses on which social initiatives are effective in combating crime, while the other concerns current knowledge as to what affects relapses into criminal activities. Several other interesting researchers will also be added, studying a number of issues. I am very pleased that we have succeeded in tying such expertise to this project. Furthermore, the representatives in the reference group possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. They will contribute with important practical knowledge to the work carried out by the researchers,” says research director Louise Lorentzon.

The project’s reference group includes key social actors from government authorities, municipalities, companies and civil society:

Anna Nitzelius, Expert, Akavia

Karl Sandberg, HR Manager, Avarn Security

Christina Eide, Director of the City Management Office, City of Gothenburg

Per-Erik Ebbeståhl, Management Strategist, City of Malmö

Åsa Ljusberg, Head of the City’s Safety and Crime Prevention Operations, City of Stockholm

Karl Lallerstedt, Head of Security Policy Issues, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

Camila Salazar Atías, Head of Subject Matter, Fryshuset

Mats Galvenius, Vice CEO, Insurance Sweden

Johanna Sturesson, Strategic Coordinator, MKB fastighets AB

Eva-Maj Mühlenbock, Chairperson, Swedish Bar Association

Christina Gellerbrant Hagberg, Director General, Swedish Enforcement Agency

Thomas Rolén, Director General, Swedish National Courts Administration

Carin Götblad, Head, National Operations Department, Swedish Police Authority

Lena Nitz, Chairperson, Swedish Police Union

Hanna Jarl, Deputy Director General, Swedish Prison and Probation Service

Marie Öhrström, Head of Legal Affairs, Swedish Property Federation

Lise Tamm, Chief Public Prosecutor, Swedish Prosecution Authority

Eva-Lena Edberg, Unit Manager, Swedish Public Employment Service

Per Eleblad, Chief Financial Officer, Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Pär Bygdeson, CEO, Swedish Supermarket Owners’ Association

Katrin Westling Palm, Director General, Swedish Tax Agency

Mellby Gård contributes with funding for the project.

Martin Hällsten, professor of sociology at Stockholm University, serves as the representative from the SNS Scientific Council.

Read more about the project here.