The Economic Consequences of Conflicts – Research Insights from Israel and Ukraine

Seminar Fri 29 September 2023
time and place

Friday 29 September 2023, 09:00–10:00
SNS, Jakobsbergsgatan 18, Stockholm. Registration and breakfast from 08:30.

What are the economic consequences of conflicts? How much would the Israeli economy benefit from ending the conflict with Palestine? What will be the main challenges in the reconstruction of the Ukrainian post-war economy?

At this seminar, economists Joseph Zeira and Yuliya Markuts will present their research on the economic costs of conflicts in the Israeli and Ukrainian contexts, and participate in a panel discussion with Johan Berggren, state secretary to the Swedish minister for civil defense. How has the Arab-Israeli conflict inhibited productivity and economic growth in Israeli economy? What sectors of the Ukrainian economy are most affected by the Russian war? How are public expenditures prioritized and funded? How can civil defense and contingency planning help ensure stability, critical infrastructure, and reduce the economic costs of conflicts?

The seminar is part of the series IIES/SNS International Policy Talks, a collaboration between SNS and the Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES) at Stockholm University.

The seminar is held in English.


Johan Berggren is state secretary to the Swedish minister for civil defense Carl-Oskar Bohlin, and former advisor to Tony Blair in his role as envoy of The Quartet on the Middle East. Johan has published a book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Yuliya Markuts is Head of the Center of Public Finance and Governance at the Kyiv School of Economics, and Associate Professor of Finance at the State University of Trade and Economics. In her research, Yuliya studies the effects of Russia’s war on the Ukrainian economy. She recently had an article on the subject published in Ekonomisk Debatt. Digital participation.

Joseph Zeira is professor of economics at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, specialized in macroeconomics and economic growth. Joseph recently authored a book on the Israeli economy. In addition to his academic research, he is member of the steering committee of the Aix Group, an independent think tank of Israelis, Palestinians and internationals that studies the economics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and peace process.

The seminar is chaired by John Hassler, professor of macroeconomics at IIES.

Registration and fee

The meeting is free of charge and open to SNS members*, specially invited guests of IIES and SNS, academia, and media.

The seminar will take place at SNS, Jakobsbergsgatan 18, Stockholm. The seminar will be broadcasted virtually. Register using registration buttons above.

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