The SNS Economic Policy Council 2021: Digitalisation and competition

The theme for the SNS Economic Policy Council 2021 concerns the impact of digitalisation on how markets operate as well as competition in different parts of the economy. How come there is increased competition in some areas while it risks being weakened in others? What does the new playing field look like? What do these developments mean for a small, export-oriented nation such as Sweden? And what would make Sweden better equipped to handle these developments?

The digitalisation of society is extensive and things are moving fast in the wake of the corona crisis. On the one hand, information, goods and services are available at a previously unprecedented level. On the other hand, global giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Alibaba have emerged and gained an increasingly dominant position in more and more markets. The fact that e-commerce, the Internet of things and ever-broader applications of artificial intelligence play an increasingly important role also indicates that issues related to digitalisation and competition will become even more important.

»A new economic reality presents both challenges and opportunities. How does digitalisation affect the economy, which types of problems in relation to competition may arise and which factors will play a key role in terms of the competitiveness of companies? Furthermore, which new policies concerning competition rules, taxes, data ownership and competence management are needed? These are some of the issues to be highlighted in our report«, says Sten Nyberg, Chairperson of the SNS Economic Policy Council 2021.

The council will bring international discussions and scientific literature into a Swedish context and discuss the significance of the rules of the game in relation to Sweden. It will also present policy proposals aimed at conditions affecting consumer benefits and the ability of Swedish companies to address future challenges in the digital economy.

The SNS Economic Policy Council 2021 is funded by a grant from the Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation.

The SNS Economic Policy Council 2021 consists of

Sten Nyberg (chair), Professor of Economics, Stockholm University.
Richard Friberg, Professor of Economics, Stockholm School of Economics.
Björn Lundqvist, Associate Professor of Law, Stockholm University.
Robin Teigland, Professor of Management of Digitalization, Chalmers University of Technology.

What is the SNS Economic Policy Council?

Each year, SNS appoints a group of researchers who, under the name of the SNS Economic Policy Council, analyse how the Swedish economy operates over time in relation to key issues. Based on their conclusions, the researchers then make recommendations to politicians and other decision-makers.

The SNS Economic Policy Council has existed since 1974 and more than a hundred researchers have participated so far. Through its Economic Policy Council, SNS aims to contribute to a social debate based on high-quality research.

The authors of these reports are responsible for analyses, conclusions and suggestions, and SNS as an organisation does not take a position in relation to these.


The report will be presented late February 2021.