Sweden is a country with a high-level of technical development and a good supply of skilled and competent labour. The comparative advantages largely lie in the specialisation within high-technology production and within the services sector, even if, for example, the industry based on raw material (ore and wood) constitutes an important exception. Sweden is a small, open economy where welfare historically builds on international trade. Thus, it is a vital question whether Sweden has a transport system that is suitable for the future global world economy.

This project has focussed on aviation. Questions that have been raised: What is the importance of aviation for Swedish industry? What industries are most dependent on aviation? And how important is it that there are many international direct flights to important destinations?

Facts about the project


Rikard Forslid, Professor, Department of Economics, Stockholm University
Shon Ferguson, Ph.D., Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN)

Funding and Reference Group

Stockholm County Administrative Board, PwC, Region Skåne, Stockholm Business Region, Swedavia, Transport Analysis, Swedish Transport Administration

Project Research Director

Stefan Sandström, SNS

Time Schedule



Flyget och företagen (Aviation and Businesses)