Digital and technical advances affect both various sectors and industries as well as the ability to create a competitive economy in Sweden and around the globe. SNS Digitech Forum is a meeting place for fact-based, knowledge oriented discussions on digitalization’s opportunities and challenges.

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Past events in English

Do digital tools contribute to better school results?

Researcher Carla Haelermans from the Top Institute for Evidence Based Education Research (TIER) at Maastricht University presented her report on the effects of new technology in education. The seminar also included discussions with school researchers, teachers and representatives for the Edtech industry and the educational sector.
Interview with Carla Haelermans.

Blockchains and the Future of Finance

David Yermack is Professor of Finance and Business Transformation at New York University Stern School of Business and Director of the NYU Pollack Center for Law and Business. Yermack discussed the transformative blockchain technology and how it will impact the financial sector.
Interview with David Yermack.

The Robot Revolution: How America is preparing for the new economy

Author Martin Ford discussed how AI and automation seems to be outpacing humans in a range of sectors. Ford argues that this next industrial revolution will not be like the last one.


Personal Integrity in Times of Big Data and AI

Professor Mireille Hildebrandt discussed data protection, Big Data and Open Data, and also which precautions companies, authorities and legislators should take in a digitized society. Nicklas Lundbom from Google commented and journalist Ulf Wickbom led the discussion.

What’s Happening in the Robot Economy?

Researchers Georg Graetz and Guy Michaels presented their study on what the effects of the increased use of industry robots have been on productivity and employment.

Interview with Georg Graetz

Googles Hal Varian on Big Data

Hal Varian from Google visited the Digitech Forum in September 2015 for a talk about Big Data and its application in business.


David Autor: Automation – Opportunities and Challenges

David Autor from MIT visited the Digitech Forum in August 2015 and talked about robots and the labor market.