Every year Center for Business and Policy Studies (SNS) organizes a Swedish Job Market for PhD candidates in Economics. We have asked some of the employers and the PhD students about their impressions from SNS Job Market.


Johannes Hagen, associate professor in economics at Jönköping International Business School

Johannes-HagenWould you recommend other employers to participate in SNS Job Market in the future?

– I think SNS Job Market plays an important matching function for Swedish higher education institutions and above all for smaller universities and colleges. It is also an important function for PhD students, or new researchers, to find the right employer.

Mattias Bokenblom, senior analyst at Kommuninvest

Would you recommend other employers to participate in SNS Job Market in the future?

– I am here to put Kommuninvest on the map for talented analysts who will soon finish their PhD studies. If you want to show off your organization to people with high quantitative skills, then [you should absolutely participate in SNS Job Market] – that’s why we are here. We will be back next year!

Maria Cheung och Constanza Vera-Larrucea, Secretary of Government Inquiry at the Delegation for migration studies

Constanza Vera Larrucea, Maria CheungWhat is your impression of the SNS Job Market?

We are not looking to hire but are looking for researchers who can write a policy brief or a report for us. There are some exciting topics that the doctoral students present during the SNS Job Market and that can be linked to our mandate.

Would you recommend other employers to participate in the SNS Job Market in the future?

It is a great way to find competent researchers. Seeing the PhD students present their research gives a better impression than sitting in front of someone at a job interview. You can gain insight into their personalities and their ability to communicate their research.

PhD students

Polina Karpatsky, Swedish University of Agricultural Science

What’s your impression of SNS Job Market?
– I think it is a very good opportunity for PhD students to meet other PhD students and employers, and also to learn more about the job market and employers in Sweden and positions that are available. SNS gives a very good overview of the job market.

After the pandemic we now also know how important it is to meet other people and I think it’s fantastic that you can meet PhD students from other universities and talk to employers that you are interested in without feeling awkward.

Edvin Hertegård, Uppsala University

What’s your impression of SNS Job Market?

–It was great! Really informal, I would say. I really liked that you got the opportunity to meet so many people, network and meet potential employers that you might not have met if you were in Uppsala or in other parts of Sweden. So, thumbs up for that!
And it’s great that you to some extent can do all of your interviews with employers at the same time. All in all, I felt well prepared and that I was in a safe and nice environment where you can do your best.

Would you recommend SNS Job Market?

–Absolutely! It’s a great chance to meet people. However, you are here for a specific reason. There are attractive employers attending and you want to end up with one of them. So, there are two parts; both meeting people and that it is a great chance to create a network and hopefully end up with a new position.

Sofia Hernäs, Uppsala University

What’s your impression of SNS Job Market?

–It was very nicely organized! There are a lot of people and many who listen to the presentations. It’s nice that employers who are not going to interview still come to listen to the presentations.

Would you recommend SNS Job Market?

–I would absolutely recommend SNS Job Market. You almost have to if you do your dissertation in Economics. It is an incredibly good forum to show off and get to know people, and hopefully be interviewed for various positions.