This seminar series highlights various aspects of sustainable business practices.

A wide range of actors have highlighted the role of the business sector in terms of contributing to a sustainable development. Several initiatives to promote and regulate sustainable business practices have been launched and more are in the pipeline.

Starting in the fall of 2021, SNS will resume its seminars on sustainable business practices. The series will begin on September 6 on the topic of Sustainable Investing with Georg Kell as a guest. Kell founded the United Nations Global Compact and served as its executive director between 2000 and 2015. The series will then continue with discussions on various aspects of sustainable business practices involving leading international and Swedish experts, under the guidance of Mia Horn af Rantzien, CEO of SNS.

Mia Horn af Rantzien has extensive experience when it comes to sustainability issues, including serving as Sweden’s first CSR ambassador in 2002–2004. She also managed the previous forum offered by SNS for gathering knowledge and engaging in discussions regarding current trends in sustainable business practices that took place between 2014 and 2018 under the name of SNS Sustainability Roundtable.

Contact: Julia Nederberg, project manager,