IIES/SNS International Policy Talks: The effects of refugee migration to the EU

What do refugee flows to the EU look like in practice? What are the economic trade-offs between long-term asylum and temporary protection policies? And why is it so difficult to agree on a common European asylum policy? Uta Schönberg, Professor of Economics at University College London, presents her research on the economics and politics of refugee migration in Europe..


03:10 Uta Schönberg, Professor of Economics, University College London

27:06 Joakim Palme, Professor of Political Science at Uppsala University and Chairman of the Migration Studies Delegation (Delmi)

42:25 Daniel Sjöberg, Policy Advisor to MEP Cecilia Wikström of the Swedish liberal party

56:24 Panel discussion

The seminar will be moderated by Agneta Berge, PhD student at IIES.