Four questions to Charlotte Paulie, the new research director at SNS

What made you approach SNS in particular?

Two things in particular led me to apply for the position as research director at SNS. The first was the opportunity to work closely with the academy but with a clear focus on disseminating knowledge. The second was the opportunity to contribute to an organization that I believe plays an important role in society. I think that the work of SNS in terms of disseminating fact-based knowledge and inviting actors with many different roles and perspectives to a factual debate on issues in society is extremely important to ensure that politicians and other actors make good and well-informed decisions. The fact that previous experiences of SNS showed me that it offers an exciting and educational work environment also played an important role in my decision to apply for this position.

What have you focused on in your research?

I have a PhD in economics with a focus on macroeconomics or, more specifically, so-called micro-based macroeconomics. In practice, this means that I used a lot of data on companies and individuals to test and develop existing macroeconomic theories and models. An example is a chapter in my thesis where I studied how introducing an inflation target affects companies’ pricing decisions and expectations regarding inflation and how this, when looking at a societal level, can have a major impact on overall productivity and welfare. I have also studied issues related to international competition, taxation and entrepreneurship.

Which social issues do you find the most interesting?

I have a very broad interest in society, which makes it difficult to highlight any particular issue. But if I were to highlight a particular aspect, it would probably be entrepreneurship and how businesses and individuals with these businesses respond to various changes in society. This may involve globalization, direct policy changes, such as taxes and regulations, or changing social perspectives, such as an increased awareness of the importance of the climate.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to be physically active, preferably in nature and with nice company. The exact activity to a very large extent depends on the season. I do some kayaking in the summer, skiing in the winter and running a little all year round.