IIES/ SNS International Policy Talks: Consequences of refugee immigration

Webinarium Tue 15 February 2022
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Tuesday 15 February 2022, 09:00–10:00

84 million people are estimated to be forcibly displaced worldwide. Refugee migration has consequences for both migrants, receiving and sending populations and is highly debated in many countries.

What are the long run consequences of refugee migration? How may it affect economic and political outcomes and what policies can stimulate investments in human capital and labor market integration?

Welcome to a seminar where Sascha Becker will present his research on the consequences of forced migration. Sascha Becker is professor of economics at Monash University and part-time professor at the University of Warwick. His research covers economic history, public and political economics.

IIES/SNS International Policy Talks is a collaboration between the Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES) at Stockholm University and SNS with the mission to bring insights from leading international economists to the Swedish policy debate.


Henrik Andersson, researcher at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research (IBF), Uppsala university

Sascha Becker, professor of economics, Monash University

Annika Sundén, PhD in Economics and member of The Migration Studies Delegation

The seminar will be led by Tessa Bold, associate professor at IIES, Stockholm university.


The meeting is free of charge and open to SNS members*, specially invited of IIES and SNS, academia as well as media.

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