New research director at SNS launches project on the climate transition with regard to the business sector

The Economist Charlotte Paulie is a newly recruited research director at SNS. One of her first tasks is to launch a project on the climate transition with regard to the business sector.

Charlotte Paulie received her PhD in economics at Uppsala University last year and comes to SNS from a position as a researcher at Statistics Norway (SSB). After having interned at SNS in 2015, she is already familiar with the way the organization works.

“It will be great to return. SNS adds a great deal of value to the public debate in terms of facilitating interactions between actors in academia, politics, public administration and the business sector. I would like to contribute to this. In addition, I look forward to learning more about various social issues,” says Charlotte Paulie.

Her main focus is now to launch the new research project “The Business Sector and the Climate Transition.” Among other things, it concerns which trade-offs will be necessary to achieve the climate targets, as well as what suitable rules and instruments might look like.

“We are very pleased to see Charlotte joining our team. She is a strong addition to SNS and contributes with her creativity, her new perspectives and her knowledge of macroeconomics. She immediately delves into our work on energy and climate issues, which represent key topics in the public debate,” says Mikael Witterblad, head of the SNS research program.

Charlotte Paulie has in her research focused on how the macroeconomy is affected by changes in the distribution of production and wealth due to changes in economic conditions. Her thesis concerned issues related to the labor market, inflation, taxes and inequality.

“I have studied how we as a society may effectively distribute our resources. Hence, having a clear policy focus seems natural. I have looked at, for example, how various political reforms affect decisions made by individuals and companies and how these, in turn, affect the overall economy. This has involved everything from introducing an inflation target to reforming the tax system. I think it is important to highlight how reforms and changes affect the economy as a whole, while at the same time raising questions regarding the distribution of income and wealth,” says Charlotte Paulie.

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