SNS wins prestigious Think Tank Award

For the third time, SNS has won the prestigious Prospect Think Tank Award. On 17th July it received the prize as Best European Social Policy Think Tank 2019.

The awards, presented annually by the UK-based Prospect Magazine, are considered among Europe’s most prestigious quality ratings of independent research institutions and academic think tanks across the globe. This year they received a record number of entries and the quality of each entry was to an incredibly high standard, according to the organiser.

In the motivation it is emphasized that SNS has chosen topics that “were pertinent, but practical in scope,” on issues of “genuine public importance”. Furthermore, “SNS’s research articulated in a clear and well-reasoned way what the problems are, in real terms, (e.g. in policy for old-age, or in finding means of integrating migrants into society) and came up with practical policy proposals for addressing them.”

According to one judge SNS’s entry was” perfectly illustrating the role of a think tank in providing practical and solution-based research which is more independent than that provided by a mere forum or lobby group, or central government, but more outcome and social change focused than many universities”.

The jury consists of representatives from the spheres of politics, business, science and major media outlets such as Financial Times. Read the list of judges evaluating this year’s Think Tank Awards.

– I am very proud that the SNS vision of bridge building between solid research and practical decision making in government and business is being recognized internationally, and that our efforts to present the research in a clear and user-friendly way were also appreciated by the judges, says Mia Horn af Rantzien, SNS CEO.

Apart from winning in the category EU Social Policy, SNS was also nominated in the category EU Economic and Financial Policy. This is the third time SNS receives a Prospect Think Tank Award.

Other winners included renowned institutions such as the Peterson Institute for International Economics from the U.S. and the Brussels-based think tank Bruegel. Read the complete list of winners here.