Creating an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable society is one of the greatest challenges of our times. The aim of the SNS seminar series on urban planning and sustainability is to increase knowledge about how to face this challenge in the best way, with a focus on cities.

The seminar series on urban planning and sustainability is a meeting place for representatives from academia, enterprise, government, and other important stakeholders to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences about critical issues. The seminars will present Swedish and international research, highlight relevant government investigations and reports, and raise interesting questions.

Current themes include transport infrastructure, energy supply, housing, and technological progress, among others. The following questions are examples of issues that the seminar series will touch upon:

  • How can conflicting objectives between ecological, social and economic sustainability be managed?
  • What conflicts and opportunities arise from the national, regional and municipal levels of government working together on sustainability issues?
  • What role does business play in sustainability?
  • In what ways can the carbon footprint of the transport industry be reduced?

The seminar series about urban planning and sustainability will run for two years, 2019–2020, and is financed by the government research council Formas.

If you have any questions, please contact Gustav Peldán Carlsson,, project manager of the seminar series.


19 march 2019 Social Impact Investment and financing for sustainable development

21 february 2019 A new basis for the EU Emissions Trading System