Klas Tikkanen proposed as new member of the SNS Board of Directors

The SNS Nomination Committee proposes Klas Tikkanen as new member of the SNS Board of Directors. He serves as COO at the private equity investor Nordic Capital and has held leading positions in the business and financial sectors for a number of decades.

Klas Tikkanen has extensive experience of sitting on various boards of directors with several such positions on his resume. He also has a strong interest in social issues and participates in the public debate.

“We are happy that Klas has agreed to join the SNS Board of Directors. Klas offers the Board a strategic capacity coupled with professional insight and a platform at the heart of the Swedish business sector. Nordic Capital has been a member of SNS for many years, and Klas has strong business ties combined with a genuine interest in social issues,” says Magnus Tegborg, chair of the Nomination Committee.

“SNS is an exciting and influential arena for research, debate, meetings and exchanges for academics, politicians, civil servants and business representatives. I believe in evidence-based politics and a social development in which all spheres of society play a role. In this regard, SNS is a key actor,” says Klas Tikkanen.

The SNS Board of Trustees will meet on June 15 at which point Klas Tikkanen will be proposed to be elected to the Board. At the same time, the following Board members are proposed to be reelected: Patrik Tigerschiöld (chair), Ann Carlsson Meyer (vice-chair), Magnus Hall, John Hassler, Monica Lindstedt, Eva Lindström, Eva Mörk and Sara Öhrvall.