Leveraging Science for Innovation. Swedish policy for university-industry collaboration 1990-2005

Merle Jacob Luigi Orsenigo

This report provides an analytical overview of the trends in the governance of Swedish public R&D, 1990–2005, especially the policy for university–industry collaboration. The study is one of the outflows from a research project titled "New Dynamics in the Swedish Innovation System".

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The first chapter of the report is devoted to a review of the policy arguments for research and innovation policy and the academic arguments for and against the policy rationale. The chapter is concluded with a review and analysis of three of the most, to date, influential perspectives on policy (Systems of Innovation, Mode 2 and Triple Helix).

The following chapter contains a description and analysis of the Swedish case: The evolution towards the entrepreneurial university.

The third and final chapter presents conclusions and observations about possible futures.

Authors: Professor Merle Jacob, Oslo University, Norway, and Research Policy Institute at Lund University, Sweden, and Professor Luigi Orsenigo, University of Brescia and Cespri, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy.