SNS Uppsala: Ukraine: Perspectives on War and Conflict

Tid och plats

Onsdag 20 maj 2015, 17:15–19:00
Universitetshuset, sal IX

In February 2014, Russia annexed Crimea followed by large-scale deployment of Russian troops in eastern Ukraine. After more than one year of military conflict, viable prospects for peace and orderly settlement remain to be found. The conflict, meanwhile, poses tremendous challenges for Ukrainian state building, economic reform and democracy building – the very goals of the original Ukrainian Maidan revolution. The purpose of this panel is to shed light on the current developments in Ukraine from various perspectives – political, military, regional, and historical.


NIKLAS BERNSAND is PhD student in East and Central European Studies at the Centre of European Studies at Lund University. He writes and lectures since many years on politics, society and cultural matters in Ukraine, on the politics of ethnic identity in Russia.

TOMISLAV DULIĆ is Research Director at the Hugo Valentin Centre. His research focuses on History of the Balkans and former Yugoslavia; nationalism and ethnic relations; genocide studies.

GUDRUN PERSSON is Deputy Head of Research at Swedish Defence Research Agency. Her research focuses on defense management and security analysis, Russian studies, Russian foreign policy, Russian national security policy, and Russian history

IGOR TORBAKOV is Senior Fellow at the Uppsala Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies. His research interests include the history of Russian nationalism, Russian imperial and Soviet nationalities policies, identity formation processes, politics of history, and international relations.


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