Dynamic Innovation Systems in the Nordic Countries? Volume 2. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden

Håkan Gergils

The Nordic countries are considered to be among the most innovative in the world. What are the features of their innovation systems and what innovation policies are implemented?

This publication is the second volume of a comparative study of the Nordic innovation systems. It presents and analyses the innovation systems and innovation policies in each of the Nordic countries. The most important actors and their operations are described as are also the investments in research and development, the governments’ strategies and action programmes etc. An assessment is made of the countries’ strengths and weaknesses. The author paints a picture that is new and in places will surprise even the best informed.

The first volume, Dynamic Innovation Systems in the Nordic Countries? A Summary Analysis and Assessment, contains a synthesis and a comparative analysis.

The author Håkan Gergils, Ecofon, is an economist and international consultant to major business corporations, institutions, governments and the EU Commission. He has carried out the study within the framework of the SNS project “New Dynamics in the Swedish Innovation System”.